Why keep being in a relationship that you know you're not going to be happy in the long run?

Ok say you develop feelings for a coworker (i know the stigma with that) and you don't mean too... you hang out what not, and she tells you all about her be and all the weird stuff he does, how she can't stand him, and really doesn't want to be with him recently had a baby etc. This guy has no job, lives with his mom, with no ambition to work and runs off every night. In hearing all this you interpret a signal to go for it or whatever, so you drop subtle hints that you like her, things get weird and overnight she avoids you, and seems to have a flip off attitude toward you, not quite understanding, is she mad cause I'm showing interest, and she really wants to be with me and this guy is the issue and she won't leave him, don't know what to do or just hates me in general. She's very shy around me it seems she will only speak to me if I intiate first like hi how are you, she also blocked on all online communication? Just confused felt like I got left out in the cold?


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  • Back off and let her have space dude. She may be showing you the cold shoulder but your not in the cold just yet. Let her have time to absorb the idea that she isn't stuck with a shiftless slacker. Just continue to be calm cool and collected around her and just be you. But if this is going to develope it needs to on its own , without pressure. You already planted the seed , now back up and let nature do its thing. Pressure grows diamonds , but crushes damn near every thing else

    • Well it's just frustrating to know where it's going and having to wait

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    • It's good advice... I just wish the mixed signals would stop, makes me feel sick to my stomach

    • Yea it would me as well

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  • You won't like to hear this but this doesn't sound good. If she wants your advances, she would not behave the way she did. It sounds like she loves the other guy despite the fact that she is not being treated well. Keep in mind that attraction isn't a choice. She blocked you because she doesn't want your advances and she probably did just leave you out in the cold. I would just back off and find someone else to hit on. Always more fishes out there :)

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