What does it mean when your boyfriend kisses you after a date, on the lips and the cheek. Has it any special meaning?

So, this is sort of complicated. This guy I met over 3 months ago, and we talked everyday for 2 months, he works off-shore. Then when I finally had some time off, we could meet. So I met him 3 weeks under a week. As much we could.

Then I was leaving to London for 3 days, and when I came home, he had to leave for a week as well. So we haven't seen eachother for 1 week, and 1 more week to go. Since I left for London, I noticed he just changed. He seemed so upset, down, depressed, just not him self. And I do really miss him.
After the last time I saw him, he kissed me 2 times on the lips. And then on my cheek before he we went our separate ways.

Does it has a special meaning that he did that?

I do really like him, and noticing I'm starting to fall for him. But I'm just confused when he's just strange on the messages we text eachother.. Like he's different


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  • the kissing in that way is nothing to parse, the kissing act itself (however done) was missing you already, showing his love

    strange is how we get when we the party is cancelled and future parties can't be set in stone; the recent disappointments ruin his hopes offshore when working and depressed... that his one week of holiday to make it all worthwhile can be washed out simply by the changing weather

    want to change his mood?
    change your plans so that his week off is always guaranteed to be fun with you


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