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Hey, do players sometimes have a low sel esteem? Because everone tells me that the current guy i'm dating would be a player but he always needs kind of secruity = if i go out with friends he asks "do you wanna meet other guys?" or if he's too late for a date, etc.. he feels really guilty. As well he has posted lots of kinda depressional posts on Facebook some time ago..
I know it's really bitchy but a friend of me hacked his whatsapp to see if there's sth going on cuz i just wasn't sure anymore what to believe.. i mean during his 6 week hospital stay he barely texted me first and when he got out this Wednesday he texted a bit more again but said "if you were here i would kiss you, what would you think if i wanted to lay you?"
😕 Also i found out that he only works as volunteer firefighter (where you dont earn money) and is still doing his paramedic training where you get barely any money for and he told me that he earns his own money so this was obv a lie..


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  • what's Your Gut say? if you feel there's ception that that's the flag for me and I put someone like this squarely in the friend zone and I let them know just straight-up honest with them I can't trust you.


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