When should I show him my home?

Ok so I'm kinda dating this guy and he asked to be boyfriend and girlfriend but I feel like he's just saying that so he can come to my house to hookup.

We hookup in hotel rooms and we split the price. I don't know where he lives and I'm worried that if I ever show him where I live, he will just never show me where he lives.

If I don't know where he lives and his family doesn't know I exist than he can easily make me a side girl, which is what I'm trying to avoid. He is losing his patience ( I think) and texts me less and less since it's been over a month that we started "dating" but I've known him for almost a year


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  • Well I do think hooking up at home will be more beneficial for you... I think hotels just end up being so costly but I get why you do it. You can ask him if he lives with his family because that may be why he doesn't want you to come over as it may be an awkward situation if you guys are hooking up and someone was to walk in on you.

  • Do you go out on dates? Have you met any of his friends? Does he live with his parents?