If a girl keeps continuous contact with a guy & wants to have sex regularly without any strings attached, is that seen as cheap and desperate?

This guy and I had sex twice. I want to keep seeing him but because I just ended a terrible relationship I'm not too ready to begin another, but I want sex because well... It feels good... ! I met this guy. I don't know what he views us as. We have had sex twice and haven't done much else besides hanging out. I basically just contact him when I want to have sex, and apparently that "cheapens" me? I don't get it. I'm just trying to get some pleasure, and I thought he would like it as well. He's not seeing anyone else; I'm not... Like so what? Or am I coming off as desperate and tacky? I know I'm gorgeous and can get any dude I want. I just don't want to have 100 sex partners. I like having the same guy... But like I said, apparently that makes me easy and cheap to him because I'm asking him for sex and nothing else, and I contact him whenever I want that D.


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  • You should read articles on sex positive thinking. It might enlighten you and/or help you out. My only advice is be honest about what you want and try to avoid leading him on. Try not to make assumptions about what he wants/how he feels. It might make you feel like crap if you unintentionally lead him on and have to deal with the aftermath. Otherwise it's your body (be safe), your life (enjoy it as you see fit so long as you try not to hurt others in the process), and your choice.

    • Well, correct me if my assumptions are wrong, but he only texts me when he wants to see me... And when we are together he doesn't really try to do anything else or persuade me to do anything but sex. I iniated the last time.. he isn't trying to text me and get to know me.. Isn't that a clear sign we are both wanting the same?

    • I'd say that's a pretty good indication of that. I've been in such a casual relationship that ended with me meeting and dating someone else. I was honest with both parties and had to end the casual (of course) and there was even a month between that and the last time we had sex. She began to text me that she had feelings she didn't know she was aware of. The problem is that I did not clearly communicate that I was only interested in something casual with her since neither of us were relationship material to each other. That ended up hurting her and I still regret it. I would advise clearing the air if you think you can do it comfortably. If it's just sex for him, then he should be right on board. If he is bothered by it, then there's something more there.

  • No not cheap but a booty call basically , I would love that at this point in my life

    • Isn't he my booty call too though?

      & honestly I don't want anything else other than this hahah. Maybe you can find someone else who does too

    • Yeah he is too😊 Seems like you have something good going on for now, and like to have that too for now, don't need the drama