Why does my mom have a double standard with me compared to my sister?

My mom always says to my sister "race doesn't matter, we would treat them the same"
This alone isn't the problem by any means, the problem arises when I say I prefer Asian women or women from Eastern Europe. Then she starts making stupid generalizations about them and how American girls will be better for me.


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  • I think your mother rreally means it when she said that reace doesn't really matter.
    But I think it DOES matter to her that her son would prefer dating from another race. I mean, she thinks it is okay to befriend someone from a diff race, but I think that that is the line. Friends.

    That's really sad, I really think that dating someone fr a diff race could be nice, yk. Because learning your own diff traditions with each other would be an adventure for the both of you.

    • Then why does my mom not care with my sister?

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    • No she hasn't

    • That's why. If your sister has no intention to date someone feom abother race, but only be friends with them, it is not a big deal for her.

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  • Well thats not fair isn't it! Why has your sister more freedom in picking and you don't? Confront her with that.