Understanding mixed signals. Should I give up?

So I met a guy on a dating website a week ago. I'm very focussed when it comes to potential romance and I've only met him.
First date was nice, we both were fairly distant, as I guess, two introverts would be.
I offered him to go on another date a few days later. That was better, and it got me enthusiastic. No signs of romantic interest were expressed, though. We walked and talked for hours though until I had to leave.
We had be exchanging texts daily in between dates and less so since 2nd date, and he hasn't been initiating discussion lately. He saw the movies I recommended him and told me about them, sent me some of the stuff he writes.
It's the first time a guy doesn't show clearly interest to me and I really don't know how to react. I'm refraining a lot from contacting him, as I feel I should let him offer a third date and not force him to see me in a sense. (he didn't in 4 days, should I understand he's not interested?)
I realize this may sound silly but it's really rare that someone gets me interested and I never had to deal with such vagueness before.

I really need third person point of view on that.
Any more insights?


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  • I have aspergers so it's hard for me to read people. If he's the same then the best thing to do is let him know you're sexually attracted to him. Just dating isn't enough to let him know that.

  • I don't think you should give up, you talk to him about what he feels, if he really likes you. Some guys don't want to hurt the girls feelings right away. So recommend that you two should talk face to face, see whats going and see what happens from there.

  • Doesn't sound like he's into you


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