Girls, I'm an attractive, in shape guy who hasn't had a proper girlfriend, why and what can I do about it?

I just turned 24 last month, I've dated one girl for a very short period when I was about 16 which I barely even count as dating.

I don't want to come across as vain or arrogant as I'm absolutely not but I am a generally attractive guy and I'm in pretty great shape (I'm into the gym a lot and martial arts). I signed up to tinder and get a fair few matches each day, some are quite attractive girls. I will say I do have anxiety, it's not always a constant certain places and times will bring it on more than others, some places I don't even have it and come across as quite confident. When it comes to dating and well girls I find attractive I would say my anxiety is there and it's probably not one of the situations I feel most confident in so I guess that's probably at least a little of the reason. Regardless I feel like I'd at least be able to tell if a girl found me attractive or liked me. The girls I do see that are interested me tend to be girls I'm not really attracted to (that's not knocking them in anyway).

For the longest time I didn't even care, I was content and so focused on my sports and training that I was ok but I'm finding myself admitting that I'm actually getting quite lonely. Not to mention I worry that girls now will judge me for my lack of experience.

I guess I'm looking for reasons why and more importantly what to do about it.

Serious replies only please.


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  • hi there,
    don't worry too much. A good girl would never judge you for not having "enough experience".. it is rather nice to have a guy who has not screwed 100 girls...
    so with that said here comes the point what to do about it.
    Is it possible that girls feel you are TOO good looking for them and for that reason not approach you? Because in the end it will be your personality that wins the girl over and you kind of need a way to show that. so make good conversation and just see what happens?

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