Is it me or are a lot of girls profiles on dating sites super boring?

Disclaimer: I'm not insinuating EVERY girls profile is boring or complaining about lack of interests.

I've noticed when I look on a lot of dating profiles on OkCupid and POF, a lot of girls put no effort into their dating profiles which makes it absolutely difficult to break the ice.

It's like their interests will be insanely vague such as movies, food, working, exercising, traveling, music, netflix. Or they'll have nothing but the most cringeworthy "just ask". Funny thing is a lot of these girls that do have vague, boring as fuck profiles will have such vague info or no info at all yet say I won't respond to hey or hey what's up or boring questions.

It's like well then what the fuck are we supposed to ask? I mean not that I'm expecting some life story from the person, but for fuck's sake when a person just has movies and food listed as their interests, all we can really ask is what kinda movies do you like or what's your favorite food? Or if they don't have anything at all, all we can ask is what do you like to do for fun? Yet these girls complain about getting boring/bland messages. It's like come the fuck on.

That being said, it's one thing if a girl does list her interests and we just don't happen to share any. She's putting effort but at least it's onto the next one and finding someone else who does.

This whole thing, just makes online dating more of a pain in the ass and those people are doing themselves a disservice.


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  • I know what you mean. Same can be said for some of the guys on those sites, like nothing is filled out, not even that side quick profile thing on OKC. I stopped online dating, maybe just for now but I honestly don't feel like trying again.

    • Yeah, by the way I'm not trying to be sexist towards women. This is just from my experience as I'm into women.

    • Oh yeah I didn't think you were. I honestly don't know what other women's profiles are like, since I am seeking to date men. Too bad both are doing this, it makes those genuinely wanting to date work even harder.

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  • In general it has been my experience girls have more thought through profile than men when it comes to dating. So I'd rather say that dating profiles in general are most of the time super boring.

    Now as for girls on a dating site, they don't actually need to be interesting to be approached. They can skip hobbies, interest and potentially even pictures and basically write "Hi, I'm a grill" and expect to have their inbox flooded from time to time anyway.

    With that said, reading a couple of hundred "do u wanna hav sex?" will make you seem like quite the prince charming when you actually introduce yourself as a human being to them. So don't think it is all bad for you.

    • Yeah I didn't say all women are like that. I've met a good amount who aren't. I'm just referring to the ones with bland profiles, that is all.

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    • I've heard that argument before but I don't buy it. Being no more charming on a dating site than I am over here at gag - and not being too dashing a guy either - I have never gotten anything but positive response.
      Which I assume is thanks to all those guys. They lower the bar to the extent that when I do walk in, crack a joke coupled with some light flirting I come of as a superstar.

      Naturally since there are so many of them you have to get past the bullshit test (s) before you get any human interaction. That is however normally only one message.

    • What argument?

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  • I agree that women don't have to fill their profiles up to get what they want. Some reasons for this include:
    - high male to female ratio on online dating sites
    - most men have no standards and are desperately willing to bang any woman out there.
    - the women on there are superficial and don't know what they want.
    - they need an ego boost so go on and see how many guys they can attract with minimal effort.
    All I can say is, if a woman has no interest in getting to know you , she's not worth your time.

    • Very true though it's just tough to break the ice when there's nothing about a woman to ask about.

  • Some girls think they're hotstuff (and perhaps they actually are), and that that's enough to get a guy. Guys tend to value looks more than girls, but girls have to understand that you can attract a guy with looks but that probably isn't enough to get them to stay.

    • I mean looks do matter, but it won't work out just based on physical attraction alone. If there's nothing in common or the girl doesn't have anything to add to the conversation and expects the guy to do all the work, literally, then I don't think it's gonna work out.