He won't break a bad habit?

Recently, I've tried talking to my boyfriend about quitting vaping because I am having a hard time understand understanding why he vapes. Now I would understand if my boyfriend smoked cigarettes and was addicted to cigarettes and the nicotine and used it to quit. Although it seems to be that he only vapes due to trend. Whenever I try to talk to him he's like yeah eventually I'll quit but at this point he's putting more and more nicotine into his body when he doesn't even need it, and will just end up becoming addicted. I don't feel I am wrong for expressing my opinions and asking him to quit, it's just difficult because I don't smoke, drink or have any bad habits where I could make a sacrifice with him. I don't want to come off as controlling but I really don't want to take things further in possibly starting a family and having a husband who smokes or vapes. I might have just made up my mind... but opinions are always appreciated ! :) Thank you everyone!


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  • You can't change someone who doesn't want to. if he won't do it, I guess you know what he thinks about the relationship.

    Congrats for not smoking and drinking; you don't see that everyday. I thought I was the only one 👌🏻


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  • He's not going to change; so, either live with it or move on and stop wasting your time.


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