Why didn't she chat back?

Why didn't she chat back. (girls please help)!?

I know that this girl likes me but...

Here is the story

I have initiated about 4 chats with her last year, she replied to all of them. Then, I discontinued chat with her fora long time, but she initiated back to me last Sunday, I initiated it to her 3 days later and she replied. Last night, she was online, I initiated it with her and said "hi" it was about 12:30 in the morning.

I thought she was sleepy so I had my friend inbox her and she replied like 3 times" it wasn't anything" but I am curious why she did not reply to my chat.

Do you think

1. she doesn't like me anymore

2. she is playing hard to get

3. she is mad at me (because I am very popular in school and a lot of girls have been flirting with me lately)

4. she did not feel like chatting (12:30 because it was too late)!

Should I attempted to chat to her again or would this make me look desperate.

I think she is playing hard to get so should I wait and never initiate again?


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  • 4. she did not feel like chatting

    Just because you say: "Whats up" or "Hi" or "Hi how are you" etc... Isn't enough reason for her to respond. Try sending her this one: "Hey jessica, what's your opinion on hanging out after school tomarrow? Talk with you soon" || Women like to answer only the reasonable text messages, if you're sending short hand comments to her and asking things that won't change the outcome of the night, chances are that she will be less willing to respond. || This means that you have to escalate things and get to the point.

    Another perspective is that texting is over rated.

    Personally, I hate wearing away my thumbs typing out a billion text messages, especially when I get more thrill from speaking to people in person or on the phone. Granted, it's not nearly as easy when you have time to analyze someone's response and then send a post-meditated response. When you are calling on the phone or speaking in person, you can quickly judge if you have their attention or not based on nonverbal language. Additionally, if you practice speaking with people alot, it can help you in all aspects of life on communicating effectively. Simple logic in lamens terms- The more you practice, the better you become (at what you've been practicing).

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • I agree. Sometimes if I get a "whats up" I will think he could be bored and that's why he's talking to me. If he has something to say I'm more likely to want to talk.

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    • More and more people are jumping on the ArtistBboy is the man train

    • LMAO, I love you here4you, no homo... You just made my day and I'm smiling.. Holy sh*t dude. hahahahaha... Hey in all seriousness, thanks... I'll be handing out boarding passes for free ;)

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  • it's not #1 or #2, and in regards to #3, maybe she doesn't like the fact that you're arrogant? I'm sorry but that whole statement makes you sound full of yourself, and that's a turn-off for a lot of girls.

    it's probably #4. and like others have said, it's pretty annoying when a guy just says "hi." it's like they want to talk, but are only putting in a half-assed effort.

    also, her internet could have died/had problems. that happens to me a lot and I'm paranoid guys will think I'm ignoring them (if I'm talking to a guy I really like).

    just try again.

    • So that's it... they don't reply only cause its a half-assed effort. you just answered a question men have asked each other since we crawled out of caves and took out 1st turds

    • Yes. we want guys to actually go after us, show that they're really interested. giving us a generic line that you could use on any other girl doesn't make us feel very special.

      which is why when guys text me one word messages like "hey" - I guess maybe to them it means they're thinking about me and want to let me know, but to me it means they must be bored/sent out a mass text.

  • Well...if you just said "Hi" maybe she didn't feel like making a conversation...try to say something more, then if she doesn't reply, try asking her directly.It will show you are a confident person and you care about her.She will notice it and If she's worth it , she will be interested in talking to you and getting to know you better

  • I think instead of chatting her you should confront her in person. This way you can see facial reactions or body gestures towards you and it will be easier to analyze any feeling of resentment or whatever she feels towards you.

  • I bet she was tired. Yes, it would look bad if you try to chat with her again. Let her come to you, if your so hot in school, then you will not have to wait long now will you?

  • I think it could mean nothing. I would contact her again. Try picking up the phone and calling her if you really want to talk to her. Either way contacting her again does not look desperate. I think its fine and you are probably over thinking things.

  • playing hard to get

    sense a lot of girls want you she wants to see who you want, if you want HER then she's gonna want you to chase her, dont.

    if you do that's gonna make ti to easy for her, say hi like 3 days later, at school or wherever

    when a guy does this it shows girls that you still have interest but ur not desperate

    no one likes clingy, or at least I dont, or needy either

    dont be a d*** tho, if she says hi say hi back and conversate

  • in her case I wouldn't reply either. you only talk to her online! try it in person, you'll get your answer then. I think it's number 2.

  • i think she is either a)mad b\c you didn't chat with her 4 a while.b)no longer likes you

  • From the information you've given I don't actually think you can be completely sure, like you are currently, that this girl is in to you.

    Is this girl someone you see in real life a lot, is she someone who's a friend/just someone you know but rarely speak to? Or is this just a girl you've located on chat and fancy? More background would be useful.

    However...in my opinion, chat is chat. A girl is very unlikely to be into just because she starts a chat convo with you. Genuinely I mean girls are friendly/amiable beings, don't read that much into chat convos...work in the real world.

    I hope that doesn't come across as rude but it is imporant to keep the real and the virtual worlds separate.

    I do agree with "Cathrine"'s comment though. Be confident, be assertive. Initiate the convos yourself. You're not face to face with her so it's not too embarassing if she doesn't respond and it will catch her attention and maybe get her to look at you in a different light.

    Good luck xxxx


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  • You talked to her 4 times in a year? Do you expect that to hold a girls interest for that long? Sorry, but she's got her own life to live instead of waiting around for you during that period of time.

    Likely she just didn't want to talk to you because of reason #1.

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