Is my boyfriend not spending enough time with me? And is me being upset justified?

I have been with this guy for nearly 4 years now (April is our anniversary) I do not remember a day where we have spent time together. I live with him and I am 11 weeks pregnant. He has his friends and brothers over EVERY SINGLE DAY. I do not have friends due to social phobia/anxiety so I am very very lonely. He is my only friend. I have tried speaking to him about it and he says we don't need to spend every second with each other and says I can hang out with them too. I do not want to hang out with them because I am not interested in watching them play Call Of Duty and watch sports videos also I get very anxious around them. He even invited his friends over on my birthday without asking me and when I came home on Christmas to spend the rest of it with him after seeing my family he had already had friends over. All I'm asking is 1 day where he only spends it with me. No buddies over. He gets really mad and it always ends in a fight with me when I confront him on it but I am feeling so depressed. I just want to spend time with my boyfriend.


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  • i`m sorry about it..
    He really act like a kind :/


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