I need some girl advice?

There is a girl at my work that I like and I'm pretty sure she's into me as well. But the one thing that I can't do is flirt with her. I know what I want to say it's just I don't want her to think I'm creepy. I'm tired of being "too nice" or "too repeat full" if that is such a thing. No I'm not going to go up to her and say "you got a nice butt". That's going to far. But a simple thing like saying you've got a nice smile or you're really attractive I just can't seem to say to her without thinking she's gonna freak out or something. I tired of not letting girls I like especially this one how I feel, or at least show her I'm interested. It's likely going to happen again where she finds someone else and I'll sitting there thinking why the f**k did you not say something to her retard". Any advice



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  • have you ever thought about texting with her? sometimes the distance helps with flirting.


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