Bald guys girlfriend stroked my hair today?

-At the mall with a couple of my friends

-Just minding my own business

-Suddenly hear "oh my god!" and footsteps running towards me.

-Look back and it's this girl, maybe a 7/10 at best. I just kinda smile and say "yeah?"

-She replies "your hair oh my god, I'm jealous haha"

-Starts stroking my hair, doesn't even ask me or anything just begins feeling my hair up in the middle of the ****ing mall

-Suddenly this bald dude walks up behind her, must have been 5'10, pretty built.. looked similar to this:

Bald guys girlfriend stroked my hair today?

-He asks her who I am

-She doesn't reply, continues stroking my hair

-I tell the guy that I don't know her and she just came up to me out of no where

-He grabs his wife and pulls her away from me , dude looks angry as ****

-Tells me to get lost or he'll kick my ass

-Not sherrif srs. I tell him that his girlfriend came up to me , and that I didn't do ****. Tell him to take his bald ass elsewhere.

-He freaks the **** out and starts yelling, telling me that he'll kick my ass and then cut my hair off

-Me and my friends just laugh at him and his girlfriend (possibly wife I don't even know) breaks it up and drags him away

-He looks back at me as he's walking away , dude is legit angry as fuk.

-My friend start yelling at him , calling him mr. clean and shiet.

-My reaction:

Crazy how insecure people are..



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  • Smack the sloot's hand away and tell her she needs to pay for the privilege of touching such hair.


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  • That is crazy! I definitely don't think it would be a reason for him to get super pissed off like that about, especially towards you!

  • I think if you were bald, none of this would've happened. Situation avoided.

  • Who goes to a mall anymore?

  • This is so stupid. Why would t you have just walked away?

    No normal person walks up to someone and starts rubbing their hair.

    • Wouldn't*

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    • It's best not to want what you can never get.

    • Damn. savage..

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  • I dont wanna go bald man

  • Baldness is only for women's crotches
    There is nothing you can do to someone who hates the world

  • What were you doing at the mall? Are you lindsay lohan?

  • 1) why didn't you keep your mouth shut?
    2) why taunt the poor guy?
    3) doubt any of you would be blabbing if not in a gang, just mano vs mano
    4) this is funny? haha?

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