Guys, after only three dates what would cause you to end things while being excessively hurtful?

Went on few dates with a guy in just one week, and by the end he told me he liked me which I recepricated but said I was worried, hoping he implied worried of getting hurt.

Few days past, no word, he posts on social media how girls are just for looks and need to marry young before their "stock decreases". Sent him a text saying it made me sick to my post to read it, and unfriend him.

Next morning wake up to him texting me saying he was glad I said that, made his decision easy, he had been concered about me being to asseritive for a girl, and would no longer like to speak or see me again.

Ended up getting hurt.

Just trying understand why he seemingly relished in being overly hurtful. Usually ignore, or just let the person down nicely if it doesn't work out.

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  • People break up, could be any number of reasons so I am not covering that.

    How they do it, some people are just ass holes and show their true colors when they are not getting what they want.

    • Understanding dating ends, but only a week in and he choices to be over line nasty towards me, just never experienced it in such a short lived relationship.

    • Have you ever thought about going out with a guy but found out it was a bad idea before you went out with him?

      If he is being that bad to you now, be glad it was only a week.