What's the best way to get revenge on my cheating boyfriend?

I was thinking of getting with a mutual friend of mine and have him pretend we've been dating for 6months then inviting the cheater for a date and have it find me and the friend and then reveal to the cheater the friend is my boyfriend.
The cheater is going "away", for 4 days so ill be packing and moving. I'm soooo excited!!! But this doesn't seem too bad is there more things I could do to get back at it? And please nothing about the high road. I've driven on it, it's fuckin boring.


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  • What @Koneko said. You're wasting you're effort, chances are he doesn't give a flying fuck if he cheated already.


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  • Dump him? Move on and be happy while he stays miserable.

    That life of hitting and quitting and cheating is gonna get old to him quick and when noone wants to be with him and he dies alone and all his people he broke are happy.

    That my dear is the greatest revenge.
    Thr greatest revenge is never an instant gratification

  • "What's the best way to get revenge on my cheating boyfriend?"

    Leave him and move on with your life.