How do I know if he's into me?

Okay, so it's still early, but I want to know what to look out for. I met this guy about 2 days ago at a training facility for softball/baseball. He works there/plays baseball. He's 18; I'm almost 16. The day I met him I got his number. He talked that night until 1:00 amish. The next night we facetimed until 12:30ish (I fell asleep). He's pretty sweet guy, and really good looking along with a good personality (he's a goon). Even though it's been 2 days we've really opened up to each other and share a lot; So now I know a lot about him. Anyway, so I wanna know what are somethings I could look out for as I get to know him to see if he's into me.
I will provide more info it need.


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  • He spends so much time talking to you and continues to (Most important). He got your number. He opened up to you. Easy case. No further information necessary. He likes you. :)

    Now go and get dates. Meeting physically is important!


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