She rejected me?

keeping it short. been friends for years but became really close the past months. she suggested why i never date her, calls me her man and that she is my girl... flirty... this and that. it was obvious she liked me, tells me other guys want her. so being a slow dude, i confessed to her that i liked her. she said she just saw me as a friend. i really don't know women lol.

anyways, i played it cool. didn't text her for a few days and then she sends me a message on whatsapp asking why i blocked her through the iphone. i told her i didn't , the messages didn't go through on her phone.

although, i just don't want to text her that much unless she hits me up to chat. i really like her.


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  • Exactly why I am afraid to ask my friend out. So confusing lol.
    Sorry I couldn't be of any help :/

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