Should I delete her #?

Okay so this girl and I were talking on Okcupid and she brought up she had a upcoming date on Saturday I told her to go cause It might be fun. Then I kind of stopped talking to her, a month later she messages me of nowhere and we talk, and she mentions how she's failing at the dating game and that If I see her prince charming I should text her.

So I say sure and we text etc for a week, then out of curiosity i ask if she was going to be busy on the upcoming weekend and she says yeah with work so we talk a little more and I end the convo with okay cause I needed to sleep so I could work in the AM. Since then we haven't spoke it's been a week and I see her online on Okc all the time when I'm replying to messages etc so I just say F it if she doesn't want to talk why did she offer me her number? and if she does why doesn't she just text me? Was about to delete it but figured I would get some thoughts on this first

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  • Online dating should always come from both sides. If one side isn't doing any work or initiating to trying to talk more then it's a clear sign that they aren't interested.


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  • Damn man, its another case that just shows how complicated girls are. First they give your their number and then they don't talk lol. I would probably delete her, i don't let such things carry on for a long time. I'm easily done with people. It's up to you but i gave you my opinion.