Should I send her another fb message if it only shows as sent and not delivered?

My cousins want me to contact a girl who seems interested in me but she lives far. I sent a few Facebook messages and she has accepted my friend request. The messages show as "Sent" but not delivered. It tells me when she was online last which isn't often... should I send again or just wait? It's been over a week now.


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  • Yeah sure you can try again and if it still doesn't work then take it as a sign of her not being interested or she just is really busy.


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  • Well you said it yourself. She hasn't been online for a long time so just wait it of. She will see your messages when she gets on, don't worry about that.

    • I sent 4 messages over a week ago and it says she's been online in the past 20 hours... anyways I just learned more about how these apps work. Thanks for the input.

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    • lol. They could be but I'm surprised she accepted my add... anyways whatever lol. I get the "sent" problem once in a while but it never lasts more than a day. It just says "sent". I know the next step is "delivered" and then "seen". I'm surprised it tells me when she was online last too... I heard that maybe she has the facebook app and not the messenger app. I'm just curious now what's going on lol

    • Well that is true indeed because when i uninstalled the Messenger app i was not able to chat with anyone anymore on Facebook. That was annoying. Who knows she has the same problem! Its all possible. I often add random girls I don't know and they also accept the request in 70% +- of the cases lol