Why do guys ignore me?

I'm in college right now and every guy seems to ignore me, it's like they hate me or something. They would look at me but not talk to me at all. They also wouldn't even sit beside me in class but yet they seem to be talking to other girls and stuff. Is there something wrong with me? No guy has ever approached me first and talked to me before unless it was to borrow paper or something only because they didn't have any of if it was in group projects


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  • i think you're OTing this.

    you know what you can do, just start talking to them and make some friends. if they don't protest your advances then you have your answer, but why is it all about "why don't they approach me", "why don't they sit next to me", "why don't they talk to me".

    put in a little effort yourself


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  • No offense intended, but it's because you're black. Black guys don't even like black girls anymore.

    • Why's that? And other girls that are black get approached by guys too tho

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    • Unfortunately, a lot of people are still racist against darkies.

    • But it doesn't seem like that here where I live, because you see a lot of people with different backgrounds hanging out together

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  • Wayyy overthinking. First off chill out, no one ever made a lot of friends freaking out about boys. I think you just need to join some clubs, do some activities or even a sorority if you have one at your school. Talk to people and don't be afraid to make friends because the more you talk to, the more connections they may have to guys that are your type as well.

  • Men are dumb


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