Help!! Who should I trust?

Well, this is a long story so I'll do my best to keep it short. Last year in February I talked to a guy I liked very much (I still have feelings for him..), he was soo nice to me, really! But I rejected him, one friend of mine told me that he just put a bet to sleep with me. He kept contacting me for a long time but I rejected him everytime, I was really cold to him. After a girl I'm friend with her now (we were kind of enemies then) started talking to him and I'm sure she told him bad things about me. In the summer I don't know what happened but me and this girl got friends, right now we are great friends. She told me he is a jerk, he is cheating his girlfriend, he lied about a lot of things, so she told me just bad things! And it seemed real! Now another friend who moved out of the town and knows him very well, out of the blue, said that he would be great for me and we would be a nice couple. Then I told her about these bad things and she said it's all lies. I really don't know who is lying and who tells the truth. The bad thing is that now I miss him and I'd really like to talk again, but what would my friend say about this? Or even him, because he knows that I'm friends with her. Should I give him a message? Maybe this way I will find out about what really happened. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!


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  • I trust you to trust the right person 😇

  • If ur pregnant u should let him know ASAP my ex wife killed my kid twice and kept it on the low and I had to find out about a year after she aborted it. all I'm saying is at least give it a chance and let him know everything sit him down and make sure he knows that u really want to make things work.

  • Trust your friends
    If he had a bet..
    If he has a girlfriend he cheats on...

    Why would you even be interested in him?
    somewhere there is a man that adores you, give him some time

    • It's not easy to forget. And I dont fully trust her, in general.

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