All the things she has told me weren't true, and this one doesn't even make sense, could she be bullshitting me?

So I'm dating this guy and I really like him but my friend keeps coming to me and telling me stuff she has heard about him, the thing is I want to think I can trust her but at the same time there has been no proff that any of the things are true, like she told me he was texting this girl that we know and I asked him about it and first off she's not even on Facebook anymore, the person who supposedly told her told me they didn't say anything and he showed me screenshots of his recent messages, so that obviously wasn't true, she has told me loads of other stuff but that was one big one that had loads of proff it wasn't true😂 So today she told me a new thing she heard that really confused me and if it's true doesn't even make sense, when I asked him a while ago to hang out and he said no, that's apperently his way of saying it's over, but that doesn't even make sense because that was about 2 weeks ago, we still text and talk whenever we see eachother in school and even today he sat beside me while he was studying, so if that's his sign of us being over why is he stil around? Like I don't want to think she's making all of this up but she doesn't like him very much and everything she has told me hasn't been true, and she's also the only one that tells me shit, so do u think she could be lying or is she just making a mistake, maybe I'm just naive but it wouldn't make sense that if he lost interest he would still be hanging around, tell me what you think😊


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  • She might be but I can't say


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