Is he ever going to ask me to be his girlfriend?

Me and this boy have been seeing each other for more than 10 months. We're like friends, but we don't talk much face to face. We text each other every week, we share personal information and I feel good when he's with me (and yes, we make out). All his friends know about me and my friends surely knows about him, even though we act as acquaintances around other people. But I actually like him, and I think since we are together for a while, it would be great if we could date. He says he doesn't want commitment, but when I say I want to snap out of this "make out" thing he says that I shouldn't cause he likes being around me. (?)


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  • Seems he is keeping his options open

    • And should I snap out of it? Is there anything I could do to make him want to be with me?

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  • Isn't a guy "friend", really just a nice way of saying "boyfriend". Asking you to be his girlfriend, is only a formality, nice, but, not really needed


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