Im obsessed with texting him- its my turn to reply but I don't want to?

I want him to show some effort, should i not text him then

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  • Text him. Why, do you ask? He seems shy and unsure of himself, which was illustrated when he failed to kiss you. As such, I suspect your lack of response to his latest text hasn't exactly given his self-esteem a boost of confidence.

    And if he is in-fact shy, then I suspect he's over-analyzing the situation, over-analyzing his behavior, and over-analyzing the possibilities of what could have gone wrong.
    For this, he may be hesitant to call you so soon after.

    The take-away is that since he's shy, you may need to take the initiative until he becomes comfortable with you.


Most Helpful Girl

  • What would be proven by you not texting him right away?

    -Is it that you have a life?
    -Is it that you have other things going for you?
    -Is it that you aren't desperate?

    I don't think you should refrain from texting him so you don't come across as needy.
    If he is actively texting you back, there's no need to try to hold yourself back.
    If you like him , text him right away :)
    It's perfectly fine!

    • well its been a full day- and I don't know what to say? I don't know what i want... i just want him to show that he really likes me

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    • he did after he left my place the other night, and then we've just been constantly talking

    • If you want to see that he really likes you, then let a few days pass and see if he texts you first.

      If you're always the one to initiate (which you said you weren't) then I would take that as a sign he's not very interested.
      But if he equally texts you first , I would say he has a fair amount of interest.

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  • Go to the gym and see what happens, but it seems like you want to play some texting games with him

    • i just keep saying things we could do, and everything we do is my idea

  • Text him


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