Should I keep trying or just stop?

interests are the same but we're pretty much on opposite ends of the spectrum. About everything. Does it even work like that? I've been talking to him for like 2 months now and - not gonna lie - my likes are pretty much only science/video games/anime/pictures of tiny baby animals. He also likes anime and games but apparently quite different from what I like to the point where it's a topic we don't even discuss. The other two aren't even interests of his. So we don't really talk about things. It's mainly just small talk and even then I tend to ignore it because I'm working or something else or... doing shit I do like. I'm a fan of dipping out if you're unhappy, fuckitall, so I thought I'd give the 'working on making things work' crap a try. Yeah, no. 'Tf. Is there a min for how long one should keep trying before aborting mission? Is this one of those instances where I really should just cut my losses and dip?

tl;dr: We have nothing in common, what we do have in common we don't talk about, should I dip now or keep trying to beat a dead horse?

Also, it's an LDR... so not having things to talk about is a problem.


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  • keep going.


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