I have never dated someone. how can I find and marry someone like me?

But i wanna find someone virgin and marry. because i wanna be her first and her to be my first also.
Im vir-gin too and muslim. How can i find a girl that had never k-issed or had any s-exual things?
I'm looking for someone who never dated in her whole life but i can't find :(
My country is sadly full of vir-gin girls that always kiss and date tons of different guys and had ora. l, a. nal... So the virgi-nity is only on the word unfortunately...


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  • Where do you live? I lived and was born in Jordan, and I knew looots of girls that didn't date ( they were 20+ ), i don't know where you live but maybe you should go look in other places? Not countries, but i mean some other near places and stuff. I really don't know how else :/

    • i live in istanbul.
      i really dont know how to find and knew them too :(

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    • Hahahha jeeeeeeejjj! I'm glad I could help 😄

    • And its my pleasure 😊

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  • Lol I don't know, I've never dated/kissed... and I'm pretty sure there are tons of girls like this, maybe it's better if you look into more traditional cities in Turkey?

    • Interesting that you never did them. and its awesome thing!
      I thought about it but my traditional citi's culture is so different than the city i live in. i dunno really.

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    • Noo don't say that! Maybe your Mother knows good girls from good families and she can help? :) Or if you have a sister who has good female friends? :)

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