Girls, How do I get past height?

To start off I am 5'8.5 but Ill just say 5'9-5'10 depending on the shoes I'm wearing. I'm relatively tall in comparison to the average girl so a guy that many other girls might consider average or tall is probably the same heigt as me. Im not one of those girls who only want to date guys that are a foot taller than me but I think two or three inches is sufficient. I can't seem to get past the awkwardness of being with a guy who is the same heght as me. I'm not sure if I feel embarassed for them, myself, or because of other people's thoughts. I'm not asking this for someone to get offended or call me shallow or something, because my intentions are not for any of that. I just want to know if anyone else ever felt the same (or currently feels the same) and how they got past it.


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  • Focus on the positives of being tall. Like you can reach things that are really high up, you can show off your legs more easily‚Ķ


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