I need advice.. Can anyone help?

So I've know this guy since I was in third grade and I'm a junior now. I see him almost every weekend with my mom since she is bestfriends with his dads fiancee. I dated him when I was in 8th grade but only for 8 months and then I broke up with him because he was my best friend's ex boyfriend. I didn't tell him why because my best friend cheated on him and he hates her guts. He has a girlfriend now and they've been together for a year and a half. I have a boyfriend and we only been together for 2 days. The first day, he came to my house without his moms permission and she called me up saying he was a child mloester and that she was mad at him. What should I do if the other guys is stuck in my head and I can't get him out of my head? My boyfriend is going to fast in the relationship and now I'm thinking he only wants sex because my best friend and cousin told me that it might be right because the second day we started dating he told me he loved me... Please... can anyone give me advice?


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  • Regardless of what many others could say, you're practucally to young to date, let alone have sex. You should take it slow... and never invite him over to your house or you to his.

    • Thank you :)

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    • I never go on dates but if I ever did then my mom will either escort us or have one of my siblings escort us XD

    • Yeah and other completely insane relatives of mine let their daughters boyfriends visit and have sex to the point where they get pregnant at 15 or 16. :( :/ >:(

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