Does he want something serious or only sex?

I've been seeing this guy for almost 2 months now. We text each other 24/7. We see each other almost every weekend since during the week im at school and he's working. When we text we talk about anything and everything. Like our families, friends, school etc. Sometimes he starts talking about sex or the things hed liked to do to me. Of course, at some point ill want to do the things he's talked about. But at the moment, im kind of hesitant about what he's looking for. I had asked him a few days ago if he had dated a lot of girls, he said yes that some point he was seeing a lot of girls because he wasn't ready for a relationship, i had asked him after he was ready now and he told me that he hadn't really thought about it. After that, i started to question his intentions with me. Im scared that all hell want to do is have sex and after, leave.


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  • Is he currently seeing other people or just you? If he's seeing other people he might just want sex from you too, but if he's only seeing you right now and you talk and hang out that much it seems like you have a connection. Usually the reason people don't want relationships is if they've had bad ones in the past, or seen bad ones. Find out what he's afraid of - maybe he had an abusive ex-girlfriend, or someone who wasn't there for him, or someone who was too clingy or demanding in the past. Take some time to discuss with him what the word "relationship" means to each of you - it could be that he thinks its this really horrible thing, when you have something totally different in mind.

    • He is only seeing me right now and he told me that his ex at some point was treating him really badly so he had to break things off with her since he thought he deserved better. I asked him what had happened with his ex but he told me that maybe one day he would explain everything in person..