Online dating: How many people will you date at once?

Have you dated several people at the same time? How far do you progress with each relationship before settling on one?



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  • Maybe 2, because I really don't have enough time to juggle everyone, usually I will hang out with them, and if we kiss and it's good and I get that vibe that I wish they were my boyfriend then thats when I decide. But it shouldn't be much of a decision by that point


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  • One.

    Whenever I have dated, whether online or conventionally, I have only dated one person at a time.

    My experience with online dating was with eHarmony. I dated matches that I received serially. Seven months into my online dating experience, I was matched with the woman I eventually married. From the point of our first date, I've dated no one else.

    @GraySailorsBride and I will be marking our 10th aniversary this coming June.


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  • Wait wait wait now.

    So, people are slapping the label "relationship" on these things before even meeting someone in person? F'real now y'all?


    I'm a thousand million years old.

    • Not necessarily. Dating is not being in a relationship.

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    • I just read what I wrote. I guess... a "relationship" as in any form of person-person connection (friendship, acquaintances, etc). But an official relationship is not the same as dating to me.

    • "Yup. You have to meet in person then it counts as dating"


      ::wipes brow::

      I mean... This is all a whole different world to me. (My 15th anniversary is in a couple months. Until this past year, I didn't even realize that "online dating" was a thing involving real people -- I thought it was a Second Life avatar-thing.)
      But, it's good to realize I haven't gone completely over the cliff, just yet. LOL

      It's just a few months until my oldest has an age ending in "-teen" for the first time, so I gotta get my ass up to speed with this shit. LOL Because as little as I know about online stuff, my husband knows sooooo much even less.

  • One if I'm lucky enough lol

  • Just 1.


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  • One, doesn't matter in what manner I am dating I only date one person at a time, it's extremely rude and disrespectful to do anything more then that.