Friends with benefits joked about telling our kids about something odd he did in front of me... Catching feelings?

So basically, he was doing something really odd and it was funny and he's like "imagine telling a kid being like I did this in front of your mother years ago"

do do you reckon he's catching the feelings?

together over a year now, see each other once or twice a week for sleepovers, met each other's families, cuddles after sex (incredible sex FYI), talk every day just chatting, yesterday before I saw him he called me twice and we were on the phone for 15 minutes each time. Usually our calls last at least 15 to an hour.

what do you think?

  • Obviously catching feelings!
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  • Normal for friends with benefits
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  • Obviously doesn't like you
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  • Nah I don't think it means that. Besides there's nothing wrong with liking friends is there? Lol. I like my friends.

    • I like my friends too but I don't do all these things with them

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    • Good luck with it :)

    • Thanks for MH.

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