Why is she texting me so much if we are "just friends"?

So I like this girl in college and a lot has happened between us the first semester. We are really flirty with each other and have had a couple times where we cuddle on the couch, and I kissed her once too. When I asked her about it about a week later she said she wanted to just be friends and was afraid of breaking up our friend group. However, after that we had another close experience the night after and we have still remained really flirty with each other. Over break we have texted a decent amount, but the last couple days she has texted me more than usual. She was texting me when she was with her friends and now she wants to call me to talk about classes for next semester. Why is she doing this if she wants to be friends? Doesn't this seem like more than friendly conversing? Has she possibly had more time to think about it and has changed her mind? Thanks!!!

Also, should I follow through and call her to talk about classes?
Anyone else?


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  • Have you actually asked her out? She probably is just afraid.

    • I talked to her about it about a week after we kissed but that is when she said she wanted us to be friends. But I never explicitly asked her out

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  • If she text you a lot then it's good, but if talking about all the classes and working stuff I think she might want to just be fiends with you.
    I got a friend she told me she like me, ok she was flirty and always play around with my hands face but she just wanted to be friends.
    My technic did work actually I made her miss me hahaha
    So by the time she met me again I asked her that if she wanted to go on a date she said yes. I didn't like her she's not my style but I didn't want to hurt her feeling so I just brought her out to eat.
    Hope you will get her. :)

    • So before break she told me she wanted to be friends but do you think when I get back (after not having seen her in a month) things will be different? She has texted me a lot over break, mainly just chit chat and flirting, and I decided to wait awhile and eventually she texted me. Just last night she asked if she could call me. Is it maybe that she misses me and might want to try something after break? by the way, she did get out of a bad relationship first semester so maybe she just needed a little time to herself? Thanks!!

    • I think a month is a it to long, but I can tell she's missing you already.
      Fight on one day she'll open her heart to you.

  • Maybe she is scared.