Conversation ideas for when out on Saturday night downtown?

been having a bit of a hard time coming up with conversation ideas and ways to start conversations and trying to come up with some new ideas , no wrong answers at tis point? any suggestions. what works and doesn't?


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  • What specifically is yr trouble? Do you have trouble STARTING conversations... or do you have trouble HAVING conversations?

    If you have trouble initiating the conversation, but don't have many issues once it's going, then you may just want to look into "icebreakers" of the same sort used by sales professionals (at expos and so forth). You'll get good advice from stuff geared at sales types, since that's how they make a living.

    If yr trouble lies in maintaining a conversation once it's gotten started, then you'll just have to think of ways to steer a conversation toward things you're actually comfortable talking about. What's yr "element"? Most people have things that they can talk on and on and on about, even if they are hardcore introverts. Maybe those?

    Finally -- and perhaps most importantly -- almost everyone LOVES talking about THEMSELVES.
    Srsly, if yr not a very good talker, the simplest and easiest way to maintain a conversation is just to get the other person talking about him/herself. Especially if you are genuinely interested. That's pretty much always a home run, right there.

    • I don't know just been having a hard time talking to people , not necessary people I knew but other new people I didn't know yet. there has been times when I had an easy time meeting new people but was a bit tougher lately

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