So I recently discovered that i'm into black girls?

i dont exclusively like black girls. i like all girls and i'm open to all of them, but i've only been able to to crush on/fall in love with girls who are or middle eastern or latina or light skinned black or at very least girls who can can pass as one of those cultural backgrounds.

none of the girls i've ever dated were "white". white girls attract me, they can turn me on, but i just can't seem to get that spark i have with a girl with olive skin, dark hair and a thick ass. its like im just genetically predisposed to reproduce with only these types of girls


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  • Cool story bro. Nice to know are open to different types of people.


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  • You like your eggs a certain way, and you like your women a certain way.

    If the opportunity ever arose I'd go for a fine mocha girl. Everyone has their flavor.