I have really bad taste in men, and I took a break from dating and now I'm not sure what to do now. How do I transition back into the dating world?

The last guy I talked to last year was an asshole. No they do not start off as mean they come across as nice then once I start talking to them later they reveal their true colors.

I never dated these assholes but I did talk to the long enough and I can't believe I put up with their verbal abuse and shit.

Yes I went to therapy and I have only been in 2 relationships my entire life and my exes were genuinely nice. So I don't jump into relationships.

I have not told my therapist that I feel that I have bad taste in men but we did discuss dating and men and the therapist and I talked about steps I could take and cautions I could take.

To give you an example of how bad These guys are I talked to a gut over 3 years ago who lied to his girlfriend for money and went out of town and cheated on his girlfriend with his ex girlfriend. He is still with her and he got his girlfriend pregnant. And he verbally abused me

The asshole from a year ago verbally abused me to and he threatened to get some people to hit me


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  • I think you should be 110% honest with your therapist and talk with them about these feelings. Then you can be more productive in learning how to be more productive in looking for relationships.