Does he really have a girl friend or he is just trying to make jealous?

There is a guy in my office, it all started when we started working on the same projecr , he used to call me for small things. just to talk to me and then we started having small talks. Recently, he started mentioning about his girl friend. Dies he really have a girl friend or he is just trying to make me possesive

One day while talking about something. I just said that.. If he keeps working continuously and stays back in office for longtime.. His girl friend might get angry on him.. Just to know what he will say.. He said.. His girl is already angry on him

Oneday i said.. I said beard does not suit him and his girl friend also might not like it.. He just smiled and said.. 'Yeah.. Something similar'


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  • I am not sure can't say from the info above, anything is possible. If he is trying to make you jealous then there will be some signs, yes mentioning about another woman is one sign, but then does he do that in your presence?

  • He likely really has one. Strange thing to lie about.


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