Do you feel stupid loving someone that doesn't love you?

When you love someone that does not love you back do you feel stupid?

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  • Stupid is inaccurate. Unrequited love is a waste of time, and that isn't awesome. It's more of a bummer rather than stupid.

    • Well feelings can never be wrong no? And yes it's a bummer for sure.

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    • Mate, I was friend zoned, and strung along for 13 years like a effing fool. You are preaching to the choir about unrequited love. Then when I was done and broke it off, and stuck by my word, I was the asshole. Moreover, that was 3 years ago, and I'm only just now recovered enough to go out and start looking again. So I'm totally with you on this one. Best we can do is get back out there and find someone who does deserve out time, and also feels the same way. I for one will speak up a whole lot sooner. What about you? How long were you in and how long have you been out of the no love zone?

    • Well it's a pattern Bob. I pick women that are like my late mother. They are beautiful and crazy. They always seems great at the beginning but end up treating me like shit or just wanting to fuck me and that's it. I'm getting to old to keep banging women on and off.

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  • Of course if the love is Unrequited then it will probably make you feel stupid after a while and plus logically speaking it will be a waste of your time and energy also. Unless you are a person who can love unconditionally without ever expecting anything in return, even if it is forever then it's fine, otherwise it will surely make you feel stupid.