Should I ask him out?

Ok all of my friends say we are perfect for each other. We hang out a lot, he always makes me laugh, we have a lot of things in common to, and we are in middle school. My friends say i should ask him out (but they have never had a boyfriend so...) What do you guys think?

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  • Let him ask you
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  • He doesn't like you
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  • I don't know do whatever you think is right
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  • Go for it

  • The day when girls feel equally obliged to ask the other out will be a happy day for me.

    Despite you being 13, i still believe all girls should learn to be the one to ask the guy out. Everything should not always rest on the guys shoulders.

    • I totally agree with that statement, girls can do whatever guys can do, like i do karate and do better then most of the guys i there

    • Remind me not to piss you off then.

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