How do I get away from my "type"?

So for the last four relationships I've had which have all been fairly good amounts (6+months) they've all ended in the same way= they just up and leave no notice no talking no warning. And I know people say there's always a warning but it's not like we were fighting all the time or not getting along. A lot of them I had met family and they met my family and we were really building futures together (small scale). Like making decisions on where we should spend next Christmas or where when we should buy tickets for family functions. And out of NOWHERE they are gone. "I don't want you, I'm not happy, I've been faking it etc." Being the fourth time this has been crushing blow to me. I want to know if anyone has advice on how I can avoid this type. I mean I've lived in many different regions of the US dates solider sand civilians and they have all ended like this. Like the horror story of emotional break ups. Can someone please help?

(Please be kind I was just broken up with on Christmas while in Cali visiting his family who loved me and were ready for me to come back next year, it's been tough)


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  • I think ultimately take it slower than you usually would and don't get into it so fast, you can never tell how things are going to end or go, so just be mindful and don't try to change yourself for them. It's hard to tell I know, but you just have to trust your gut instincts.

    • I appreciate that. Like once this happened after 2 years. And I mean just a shocker as the rest... I don't know what about them in attracted to that they all come with the ghosting gene. No matter how slow or fast. Ugh

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  • Fix yourself, Then you will want better quality guys.

    • I've spent the last two years after divorce working on me. I'm sure in me who I am and my confidence. These aren't men who seem like assholes. These are men from my church or adult group or things like that. Upstanding men so they seem. So they seem.

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    • Thanks. Even my counsellors tell me the biggest thing is to know when someone ghosts no matter what you have or haven't done, it has more to do with them. But it doesn't suck any less and I'll say ghosting is way shittier than a regular break up.

    • Yeah it's a really bitch-ass thing to do to somebody.

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