What is a good way to ask out the guy you like without being too much?

I like a guy and might ask him out, but i don't know how or at least the best way. Any tips or suggestions?

Ask him out as in ask him to be my boyfriend


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  • Do you know him well? Have you guys hung out much together? Probably a bit full on to ask him to be your boyfriend if you don't know him pretty well and he knows you like him. Say you like him and ask him if he wants to spend some time together.

    • We do spend quite a bit of time together and we both like each other. So he knows that I like him already. We have known each other for quite awhile now.

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    • okay thanks!

    • Your welcome, good luck :)

  • Yeah, best way to do it is tell him you are already doing something, whatever it is you want to do with him, and then ask him if he want's to come with you.

    I. e. I was gonna go see a movie today and wanted to see if you wanted to come? That way, it's not really asking him out. It's you already having plans and inviting him to come with you. As though u are gonna go whether he comes or not.

    • We hang out quite a bit already, but I was meaning ask him out as in to be my boyfriend

    • Oh, I don't know if I would do that. Leave that up to him. I mean if you guys are already kissing and are physical then it won't be such a big idea to ask him what he thinks about you two dating. And then go from there.

  • Just casually ask him to hang out some time whatever u guys would be interested in


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