What do I do when going on a date with an older, sophisticated man?

This may be a silly question but I'm very nervous. I hit it off with an older man I met through a friend. we hung out with other people around just casually but he told me recently that he would really like to take me to an art exhibition and then for coffee. At first I thought he just meant as friends but he then told me he has developed feelings for me. I will admit I was very attracted to him physically and mentally but brushed it off because I thought with the age difference I didn't stand a chance. He's 8 years older. I asked him what his intentions were as I had no interest in any kind of one night stands but he then sent me this message "I must apologise if that is what I have led you to assume but I enjoy spending time with you and would like to get to know you more. I enjoy talking to you and I hope you do to" He's very sophisticated and mature I'm worried I might mess it up. I've accepted his invitation but I'm unsure what it's like to go on a date with an older man as I've never done so.


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  • You shouldn't be anything other than yourself... Perhaps you don't want to be talking about partying and drinking as much, but a range of topics is good and just let it come naturally.


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  • Just be yourself and get to know him. Be courteous, like you shoukd with a man no matter what his age. Limit the number if times you say "like" and "omg". Don't spend the entire time on your phone. Tell him what you are interested in pursuing. Learn a bit about a few of the artists at the exhibition he is taking you to, if you can. But really, just let him get to know you. Effort is always appreciated, but if you try too hard to be someone you're not, it wouldn't work out in the end, anyhow. Just have fun... that's what a date is all about.

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