How to know my crush has interests? Is it all in my head?

I need some advice on a crush. He works at one of my favorite hangouts and was my waiter first few times. When he'd approach my table he'd always be looking right at me regardless who else was there. I didn't think nothing of it. Then I noticed how he'd look at me from across the room. Once again I didn't think nothing of it since he was my waiter that day too but he would jus keep staring even if I looked up he wouldn't look away. When I left he looked at me and not the person I was with and said bye while smiling jus at me. Then next time I went there he stared at me the whole time I was walking up to restaurant (he was bartener that night). My friends would notice him staring at me when i wasn't looking. Also, the last time he waited on me, he'd always have a huge smile on his face. By this time I suppose maybe he felt more at ease. lol So it been a few weeks that I hadn't gone , so the last time i was up there he had did a double take when i was at my table (he was in the back when i had gotten seated so guess he was superised). No biggie I'm sure but as he walked past me (he wasn't my waiter this day) we both looked up at the same time and locked eyes for least 5 seconds then I smiled at him and he smiled back then we broke eye contact after lingering for another sec. I think he might have interest but how do I know for sure? I don't want to look dumb if its jus my mind playin tricks. But I want things to progress if he does have a thing for me. How can I be sure?


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  • He certainly seems intrigued by you. I mean, the guy intentionally singled you out and stared at you with regularity, even when you're not looking. Once even, he made it his business to ignore the person you're with to say good bye to you.


    • Thank you :) I certainly hope so. Next time I'm jus going to talk with him and see what happens. He's jus so damn beautiful lol I'm wait for another week or so. Maybe that'll make him miss me :p

    • *to him

  • YOU CAN'T. You have to deal with this thing called rejection.

    • I know but figured if he was showing some signs of interests u know. Least it been somewat encouraging lol thank u!

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