Guys, what is your ideal woman?

By looks and personality wise (if you want)


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  • Looks...

    healthy and sportive

    A down-to-earth girl. She has a positive outlook on life, is a free spirit. She's confident and can be open with her feelings. because I'm her boyfriend, she should be able to talk to me about things she's troubled with. She can be playful, but serious when she has to. And she’s striving to become a better version of herself every day!
    During fights she can keep her cool, she can keep her emotions under control so we can all talk it out in a mature way.
    She is able to see the good in me, when I lost it.


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  • Looks wise:
    -well at most half a head shorter than I;
    -coal black hair, wavy;
    -green eyes would be da bomb but they're super rare;
    -I'm not an ass or an boob guy so long as she has a pretty face and some good looking quadriceps on her legs (and hips)
    -boobs of any size so long as they're not flat or huge.

    Personality wise - honest, considerate. It'd be super cool of she were introverted and /or shy.

  • I would love to have a girl; who will love me and I would love her more kinda like that. She must be smart and lovely. And we will live happily after that. :) ♥


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