How can I ask a girl out that I have already asked but didn't give me an answer?

There is this beautiful Hispanic girl that comes and visits her sister which is my neighbor just a few doors down and when I'm getting out of my car I always see her pulling up or getting out of her car and we always make eye contact but we dont smile or say hi to each other. Anyway today I saw her walking and I decided to approach her, I introduced myself to her and asked her if she would like to go out to dinner sometime. She seemed interested, shy, and a bit confused. She told me she couldn't cause she was going to work and I replied with "not today maybe on your day off" and she replied with "I'm running a bit late for work" and I said alright that's fine it was nice to meet you.
I'm really interested in talking to her and getting to know her but I'm unsure about how she might feel like I said she did seem a bit interested but I want to know if I should approach her once more and try to strike up a conversation that may eventually lead me to asking her out once more.


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  • The universe is trying to help you, just open your eyes.

    Her sister is your neighbor.
    Introduce yourself to your neighbor, and ask about her Sister, is she single?, does she like going to the beach? Win the Neighbor, win the sister.

    • My neighbor has a boyfriend so talking to her would be a bit risky but I'm willing to give it a shot!