Does he see me as only a friend or something else?

So there's this guy I like and he sits behind me in class, a lot of time we talk and he makes me laugh, also likes to mark me with marker whenever we are grading, or a pen, he once maybe a month ago told me he liked me more because of the game he saw me play on my phone. He touches my arm a lot, whether he's asking about what's going on or if he's joking around. And I think he likes to make me smile, but there's times when he'll just say something to me and then leave, or when he messes with the other girls, by maybe pushing them or just stealing I think kinda acting the same way as he does with me but I don't know. I feel like he acts the same with me as he does with his friends. Also after he messes with me he kinda stays away for a time. I just want to know if he sees me as a friend or something else.


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  • He may just be a flirt. If he's doing this to other girls, it's not anything special.