Please be honest: Are sagging breasts a turn off and deal breaker?

I'll try to make a quick back story:

Years ago, I was diagnosed with a genetic condition. I had to be put on medication, and over the years I took the meds it made me gain a lot of weight. I have always eaten small portions of healthy food, and was very active (I played varisty sports, loved to hike, etc. etc.) When I started gaining weight, I increased my exercise time but I still got bigger.

I was over 300 pounds, and my bra size was a 44 DDD. I stopped taking the medicine two years ago. As of today, I lost over 180 pounds (I weigh 128 pounds at current). I now wear a 32 D bra size. Even though I put toning lotion on and do strength training, I believe the elasticity stretched so now my breasts sag.

Is this a turn off and a deal breaker? I am working really hard on maintaining a healthy life, and it's going well. My body is toned, except this area. I haven't dated in a long time, and am self concious about this if I did find a great guy, we are about to sleep together and then he sees that. Please feel free to post anonymously if you wish, but feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.


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  • first of all, dont be ashamed of anything. you lost 180lbs!!! thats fucking amazing, i lost around 100lbs and it was one of the hardest things i have ever had to do. but one of the reasons people get saggy skin or excess skin is due to losing weight to quickly, they say, cuz i did my research when i was losing my weight, to avoid saggy skin during weight loss, you had loose around 50-75lbs a year. instead of doing it quickly. now back to your question about saggy boobs. some guys can't stand it, but what they dont realize is what you just went through that caused it. some guys dont mind at all. like me. honestly it is weird but knowing how hard it is to loose that much weight i wouldn't care what your breasts look like. --p. s. even what you're doing to try and perk up your breasts and using lotion, it will still take a couple years for your skin to shrink and go back to normal. but working out does help it. so congrads to you for losing 180lbs!!! that really is a feat! dont let it bother you. if they dont like your breasts then they are shallow anyway and you shouldn't be seeing people like that anyway.

    • Thank you! It was a jarring change, going from fit and athletic, to being diagnosed and gaining weight, to losing it again. I know what you mean, I didn't plan to lose the weight so fast, it just happened when I stopped taking the medicine. My doctor was even worried I was losing too much too fast. I do a lot of chest exercising to try to make it less saggy, but it hasn't really worked.

      Congratulations on your weight loss as well! I appreciate your comment, thank you.

    • well it still will take a year or 2 for your skin to stop being saggy even with working out. so there isn't much you can do except work out and wait. but if you are concerned about sagging skin. although it wouldn't be an option for me, would be surgery. and thank you for your congratulations. take care, and dont worry about it. just stay healthy :)

    • Yes, it's been over 2 years now since I have been losing weight. They shrank, and I do have stretch marks still but they aren't as visible any more. I did hear of the surgery, but it's not for me. Not after all the medical testing I had to go through. But thank you! I hope you take care as well, and continue being healthy!

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  • No. No guy (unless he's a complete and utter ass) is going to say "I can't date you because your tits sag"

    • I would hope not. Thank you for your response!

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  • Sounds amazing tbh. Small with big boobs.

  • nowhere near a dealbreaker

    • Okay, thank you for the response!

  • I didn't read that but I can tell you girls that expose too much cleavage, wear mini skirts, crop tops, or tank tops all the time are a MUCH BIGGER turn off to me then saggy breasts, so whatever the excuse for having saggy breasts is, it really isn't a big deal. I would rather a girl with saggy breasts, who dresses modestly and who is a nice person then some girl who dresses like a slut, is controlling, and has amazing boobs. To be honest I dont even care about breasts that much, thats why I dont like to see cleavage, to me seeing cleavage is the same as seeing some dudes butt crack when he bends over... I dont want to see it, its nasty, I recognize there is more to a girl then her boobs and as a result my tastes reflect that. Just know saggy boobs aren't a big deal at all.

    • Fair enough. I dress appropriately. Thank you for your comment!

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