Me and my boyfriend have been on and off since 2014. He's distant?

I Always have to message him first. He calls me at night sometimes. I call whenever he wants me to. I give him dirty Skype shows and he still acts up. He keeps things secretive like who called him and where he is going. He'll tell me it doesn't matter. He calls me a dumb bitch. He says he doesn't want me to leave BC he loves me. I don't understand anything anymore. Like how is he gonna call me his baby, princess and "his" girl but treat me like this. I've hurt myself over this. he knows I suffer from depression. He didn't hmu on my bday or when my grandma died. I just want to know why he does this I ask him and he gets mad says I'm always starting a argument :( he's in Canada and I'm in US. In the summer I'm meeting him for the first time ever he wants me to live with him he says I wouldn't be sad with him there.

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  • if my boyfriend treated me like that i would beat his sorry ass and break up with him instantly if he treats you like shit LEAVE HIM i have 4 other siblings - 2 girls, one is married one is training to be a nurse- and they have gone through it before and when he says "i love you" and still treats you that way he's playing you in a relationship both people have to give in and it seems like he doesn't give a fuck and i would never have put up with that no girl should be treated that way but this is ultimately your decision so you with your gut!