Why would he do this? Random?

I'm honestly confused. so this guy I'm friends with/have hung out with a few times at parties and stuff randomly texted me pictures of himself like as a baby and when he was younger? Like I was like why did u send them and he was like I thought you might like them.. I have no history of liking him or anything but I have drunk texted him a few times and commented on his photos so maybe he thinks I like him or something I don't know. Any idea cos it's random and he never texts me, also I was thinking it could be his friends but why would they do that and send them to ME?


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  • How well do you know this guy? From what you said, it sounds more like an acquaintance than a friendship. If it were me, that would be normal, because I send people random shit all the time. Especially if it's someone I haven't spoken to in a while... I'm just fuckin weird and like to get interesting reactions out of people though. He might be into you, or maybe he's just goofin around

    • I'm pretty close to him I'd say like we've hung out a few times so I feel like it's a friendship kinda thing?

    • I'd just go with it and send him random shit back, he'll either continue the cycle for laughs, change the tone, or profess his undying love for you haha

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