She snapchatted me during No Contact?

Sooo... Long stores short. It's been 4 days since I started no contact. Was planning on just doing it for 21 days because lately I feel like I haven't been a priority of hers. She won't make time to see me but she makes time for others. Long story short. I've known this girl forever. She used to like me more than I liked her. I found out and didn't feel the same. Now I like her more than she likes me haha.. My luck right. So I'm 4 days in and she's snapchatted me 2 times. I don't know If I should just open them and not answer. Or end no contact and respond cause she reached out to me? I just really feel like I'm being led on by her and I've told her that nicely. So I didn't just give her the silent treatment. What should I do because I really like this girl. Like a lot lol. I just want her to know I'm not here to play games and chase her around all the time. And that my schedule matters too.


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  • she wants you man.

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